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Mountbatten Ltd. started in March 2005 in Uganda, serving East-Africa with working solutions in the field of organisational development and web development.

The organisational development component of Mountbatten Ltd. has an international network of experienced professional organisational development consultants. Our consultants use a tried and tested approach to stimulate participants to define their own questions and answers on the organisational challenges and opportunities at hand. They make use of experiential learning techniques like personal reflection, peer discussions, group assignments and educational games to envision a desired situation, to identify gaps and design innovative action plans.

With over 20 years of experience in developing software in Europe and 7 years in East Africa Mountbatten Ltd. brings a wide range of information technology services. Today Mountbatten Ltd. consists of a team of professional web architects, making unique corporate Websites that are of a world class experience for web visitors. The company’s expertise is interlinking software packages with the actual work floor and implementation. We provide excellent user friendliness and user trainings in how to manage your website. Specialisations include Drupal, SugarCRM and GeoServer. All of which are Open Source tools for organisations that make difficult tasks easy again and focus on sharing information either throughout the organisation or to the outside world.

Our vision: 
  1. respect for the experience and skills of the clients;
  2. ownership of the recommendations generated during the intervention; 
  3. motivation to actually implement and own defined way forward; 
  4. focused on the mission and targets of the organisation; 
  5. receiving a maximum return on investment to the services received.
Our social responsible initiatives  in Uganda.